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Deb Gardner Allard


Welcome to my website where 

 information and ideas are presented in unconventional ways-- sometimes through stories, sometimes through memories, and sometimes through information. I hope you leave here with ideas and a smile to lighten your step. 

Humor is the Stuff that Flips Life Upside Down and Whittles Mountains Back to Molehills.


Life can be challenging. That's why many people enjoy inspiration and encouragement to start their days. I like to turn to the Bible for answers to problems, then I gravitate toward humor.

While growing up, I especially enjoyed works by Erma Bombeck and Mark Twain. In adulthood, material by Dave Barry, as well as Eddie Jones, Jerry Spinelli, and Jeff Kinney have inspired me to find humor in everyday situations. Those writers, along with comedians Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Tim Hawkins help me to flip life's problems upside down and whittle them into manageable molehills.

Humor is great for encouraging, inspiring, and distracting even the saddest of us from our burdens. It's a far healthier escape than using drugs or other vices. I wonder if some day I might have to stand before an HA (Humorist Anonymous) meeting and confess, "I've been a humor addict for fifty years. It all started after reading "Puddin' Head Wilson" by Mark Twain."

A few Little-known facts about me:

  1. I spent 2 1/2 years in the Navy as a Hospital Corpswave. (See under Photo tab)
  2. While in boot camp, I won the American Spirit of Honor Medal for "high example to comrades in arms." I still cherish the medal. (See under Photo tab).
  3. I earned two degrees: BS degree in psychology and Associate degree in registered nursing. I also earned two diplomas from The Institute of Children's Literature after retiring from nursing. Now, I gobble up writing courses like some people munch cookies, one right after the other. 
  4. One first place award, two second places, and an honorable mention earned in several writing contests occupy space on my writing tool belt.
  5. And lastly, my favorite treat in the world is TCHO chocolate vegan ice cream, handmade by Love's Ice Cream in Grand Rapids, MI--my favorite flavor changes frequently. I'm allergic to dairy.


When Not at the Keyboard


When I'm not busy writing a new tale, I can often be found in the quaint little resort town of Grand Haven, MI where white sand beaches, sidewalk cafes, musical fountains, and weekly live bands accent the waterfront. I also enjoy kicking back on the grassy knoll while watching boats traverse the channel to Lake Michigan.


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