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Some babies snuggle rag dolls, some cuddle blankies, but baby Poopsie? He rubs ears! Once Poopsie spots an ear hiding under Mommie's hair, he latches on and won't let go. By the end of the story, it's safe to say--Baby Poopsie LOVES ears!

Baby Poopsie Caught in the Act

He prefers rubbing ears rather than blankies, especially while sucking his paci.

When One Ear is Not Enough--Poopsie Does Ten Finger-Double Fisted Ear Rubs.

Ears were everywhere at a family gathering. This children's book is a jovial joyride in alliteration and rhyme. Writer Deb Gardner Allard enjoys making little ones laugh. Baby Poopsie Loves Ears can be found at Guardian Angel Publishing, Amazon books, Barnes & Noble, Kindle books, and other online sites. 

Deb Uses a Pen Name for YA Non-humorous Books Like This One by Taylor Jaxon from Words Alive Press

Life goes on as normal until Sam has strange dreams. What do they mean? As he scrambles for answers, his nemesis joins an eerie new religion despite his Christian upbringing. When the boys' paths cross, their lives steamroll to a climax.

Why is It Imperative to Learn How to Defend Our Faith?

Before the Apocalypse shows what might happen in the near future if we aren't prepared to defend and stand by our faith. The story is intended to spark a desire to learn apologetics (how to defend our faith).

Pastors and Bible Teachers

This YA book shows the reason why our youth and even adults must be prepared for the future.